Aluminum Foil Bubble

The aluminum foil bubble bag is composed of an outer layer aluminized film and an inner layer antistatic bubble film. This aluminum foil bubble bag is the perfect embodiment of bubble bag making. The outer layer is characterized by moisture-proof and anti-corrosion of the aluminized film. The inner layer utilizes the characteristics of cushioning, shock absorption and heat insulation of the air bubbles to better protect the safety of the articles and prevent the articles from being crushed, bumped or rubbed during transportation.
The aluminum foil bubble bag is suitable for remote electronic product packaging. For mailing integrated circuit boards, magnetic tapes, optical discs, calculators, electronic components, optical lenses, ceramics, printed boards and other items. The material, specification and color of the product can be customized according to customer requirements.
Aluminum foil bubble bag is waterproof, moisture resistant, durable and tear resistant. This bag protects the product from damage due to impact, abrasion or static electricity. Thin and light materials resist all three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation. Aluminized foil forms an effective barrier against moisture, airflow and steam. Aluminized foil has an excellent appearance and is resistant to fungi, insects and nesting rodents.
DIAMAKE is one of the largest aluminum foil bubble manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to wholesale the good quality aluminum foil bubble in stock. We will also offer customized service and fast delivery for you.
* Made of aluminized foil with bubble lining
* Excellent cushioning and surface protection
* Self-adhesive tape available
* Available in multiple colors/designs
* Multi-function mailing and packaging
* Welcome custom design / shape
* Clean and easy to use
* Radiation protection, waterproof, anti-static
* Easy to use and safe
* Can protect goods very well
* Environmentally friendly, recyclable
* Shock absorption, impact resistance, non-toxic, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, lightweight
(1) Applicable to packaging various circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, etc.
(2) Food packaging: the fragrance, quality, taste and color retention of rice, meat products, aquatic products, frozen foods, and preserved products.
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