kraft paper, PET, BOPP,Co-extrusion film, pearl cotton and other kinds of bubble bags. If you need you can contract me ,and we accept the color ,size logo customized.
  • Moisture Proof Self Adhesive Bubble Bag

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    Moisture Proof Self Adhesive Bubble Bag

    These moisture proof self adhesive bubble bags are made very strong to prevent tearing, puncture and tampering. Transport labels can be firmly bonded to the surface of polyethylene sheets to reduce the amount of lost packaging, which helps save you time and money.Read More

  • Self-Seal bubble wrap envelopes

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    Self-Seal bubble wrap envelopes

    These self-seal bubble wrap envelopes are designed to cushion and protect fragile, delicate items from shock and vibration during transport. And the convenient self-sealing closure prevents tampering, saves labor, eliminates the need for staples and tape, and forms a waterproof, safe package.Read More

  • metallic bubble shipping envelopes

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    metallic bubble shipping envelopes

    ‚ÄčMetallic bubble shipping envelopes are very popular in direct mail and promotions, attracting a lot of attention. They are equipped with adhesive tapes that are tamper-proof. These bubble shipping envelopes allow you to deliver items with confidence, which is a great way to transport your goods.Read More

  • custom poly bubble wrap envelopes

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    custom poly bubble wrap envelopes

    Processed by complete lamination, custom poly bubble wrap envelopes provide maximum, comprehensive moisture, tear and puncture resistance. The sturdy pink poly bubble envelopes has an optimal appearance and is ideal for writing and printing.Read More

  • bubble lined poly mailers

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    bubble lined poly mailers

    Bubble lined poly mailers combine the moisture barrier of a poly bag with the cushioning of a bubble bag to provide great protection for your shipment. These stripped and sealed bubble-lined poly mailers are tamper-resistant lightweight mail.Read More

  • Self-resealable Metallic Bubble Bags

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    Self-resealable Metallic Bubble Bags

    Self-resealable metallic bubble bags combine all the advantages of traditional protective bubble-lined mailers with chic packaging, which is perfect for mailing cosmetics, perfumes or toys. And the charm and elegance of our red bubble bags make it an ideal choice for marketing and personal use, especially for special occasion such as...Read More

  • Metallic Foil Bubble Mailers

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    Metallic Foil Bubble Mailers

    Metallic foil bubble mailers have all the advantages of a standard bubble bag, with a bubble liner and a full laminate to protect the contents and prevent tearing or puncture. It is highly protective and easy to seal. Our stunning metallic bubble mailers are available in a variety of different sizes with safe strip and seal strips.Read More

  • glamour bubble packing envelopes

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    glamour bubble packing envelopes

    Glamour bubble packing envelopes protect your delicate goods from damage and damage. These packing envelopes are also very light, which will save on shipping costs during shipping. Inks, stamps and labels are attached to the outside and are easy to see. These are the ideal solutions to make your goods look great!Read More

  • colored padded shipping envelopes

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    colored padded shipping envelopes

    Made from the highest quality materials, colored padded shipping envelopes offer high-strength seams to keep your items safe before opening. Whether in rain or snow, you can keep your items safe and dry at any time in this kind of padded shipping envelopes.Read More

  • Durable Aluminum Foil Bubble Bag

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    Durable Aluminum Foil Bubble Bag

    Durable aluminum foil bubble bag provides excellent product protection throughout the transportation process and its powerful side heat seal provides excellent burst strength. The peeling and sealing function on the bubble bag ensures that it is closed. It's lightweight and can save you postage.Read More

  • Waterproof Self Adhesive Bubble Mailers

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    Waterproof Self Adhesive Bubble Mailers

    Waterproof self adhesive bubble mailers are made from multiple layers of polyethylene sheets and the layers of polymer sheets are thermally bonded together to form an air cell layer sandwiched between smooth layers, which provides an excellent protection for transport.Read More

  • Durable Waterproof Metallic Bubble Envelope

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    Durable Waterproof Metallic Bubble Envelope

    Durable waterproof metallic bubble envelope is sealed with a peel and seal adhesive that provides a reliable, tamper-proof seal to secure all enclosures.Save on postage through lightweight durable waterproof metallic bubble envelope shipping!Read More

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