Poly Bubble Envelope

Poly bubble envelope is made of low-density anti-static polyethylene and is a widely used transparent flexible packaging material. It uses a film including air to form bubbles to prevent product impact, to ensure that the product is protected from vibration, and also has the function of thermal insulation and anti-static.
Designed for postal packaging of products, the poly bubble envelope is equipped with a shock-absorbing bubble film, and there are numerous small bubbles in the bubble film, so the body is light. The poly bubble envelope is flexible, and it is also soundproof, shockproof and scratch resistant.
The poly bubble envelope can be divided into single-sided and double-sided. The single-sided bubble envelope is suitable for anti-static bubble roll to protect its own light weight product. The double-sided bubble envelope is strong for shockproof and suitable for larger and heavier items. Single and double-sided bubble envelopes are available in different colors for printing and other materials to enhance aesthetics.
DIAMAKE is one of the largest poly bubble envelope manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to wholesale the good quality poly bubble envelope in stock. We will also offer customized service and fast delivery for you.
* Combines the strength and versatility of a courier envelope with the cushioning of a bubble-lined mailer.
* The bubble envelopes feel nice to the touch and are perfect for handwriting, labeling and stamping.
* The poly bubble envelopes are lightweight and water-resistant, which will help reduce the shipping cost of your business.
* The adhesive on the fold-over flap is strong enough to protect your products on the rainy or snowy day.
* There's no need reinforcement tape and it doesn't come apart unless you tear it up.
* The bubble is sufficient to mail the items that needed protection. Keep your products safety and make your customer no complaint.
* Can be used to package jewelry, glass products, precision electronic equipment, handicrafts, auto parts, ceramics and so on.
* Can be used to package electronic components, components, such as plates, cards, etc. The price of bubble bags can prevent static electricity and can also buffer and prevent vibration.
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