Craft paper air bubble Mailers

Thickened and widened craft paper air bubble mailers can bring more convenience to your life. Built-in air bubbles protect the interior and provide total protection. Made of high-quality craft paper and high-viscosity hot melt adhesive, the craft paper air bubble mailer has the advantages of environmental protection, no odor, moisture, shock, anti-theft, good sealing, etc. It can provide excellent waterproof protection for internal products, perfect for blocking water and moisture.
Craft paper air bubble mailers are made of new imported raw materials. The double-sided bubble film has better anti-shock, anti-pressure, anti-moist and anti-fouling effect. The pressure on both sides is sealed with high temperature and is wearable. It can effectively prevent the broken goods and better ensure the safety of goods during transportation. Kraft paper is more beautiful in appearance, self-adhesive strip design, safe and convenient, and the appearance conforms to international environmental protection requirements.
Craft paper air bubble mailers have three colors, brown, yellow, white, our company can also accept full printing and color printing, can according to your requirements to customize the product, to provide you with the best quality products. DIAMAKE is one of the largest craft paper air bubble mailers manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to wholesale the good quality craft paper air bubble mailers in stock. We will also offer customized service and fast delivery for you.
* The outer layer is a new craft paper material, lined with a bubble film, and has the functions of softness, moisture resistance, shock resistance, and fall damage.
* Self-sticking, strong adhesive, easy to use, save time, easy to tear strip special design, easy to open and paste.
* The smooth bubble film liner protects the inner layer, making it easy to place items, making it safer, environmentally friendly, and recyclable.
* Compared with traditional bubble mailers (packaging boxes, small cartons, etc.), craft paper air bubble mailers are light in weight and generally save mailing costs.
* The color of the outer kraft paper is mainly yellow, white and natural. It is beautiful and elegant, and the outer layer is easy to write and can be labeled.
For logistics express, long-distance transportation, mail CDs, tapes, electronic components, integrated circuit boards, optical lenses, books, photo frames, gifts, etc.
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