Packing Material

Packing Material Can be used for packaging, sunscreen insulation. The packing material we provided including PET film mylar, air bubble plastic roll, fire-resistance high flame retardation EPE foam thermal heat insulation material sheet and more. DIAMAKE is one of the largest packing material manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to wholesale the good quality packing material in stock. We will also offer customized service and fast delivery for you.
Packing materials refer to the materials used in the manufacture of packing containers, decoration, printing and transportation, etc. to meet product packing requirements. It can pack metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, paper and other materials. High packing technology level and management level are of great significance.
Packing materials play an important role in the entire packing industry and are the basis for developing packing technology, improving packing quality and reducing packing costs. Therefore, to understand the performance, application scope and development trend of packing materials, to rationally select packing materials, expand the source of packing materials, adopt new packing and processing new technologies, and create new packing technologies.
* Thin thickness, good performance and price ratio
* Non-toxic, tasteless, and safe
* Easy to use and efficient
* High anti-buffering strength, good retraction rate
* Anti-piercing, good tear resistance
1. Unitization: By means of the superior winding force and retracting property of the packing material, the product is compactly and fixedly bundled into one unit, so that the scattered small pieces become a whole, and the product does not loose or separate even in an unfavorable environment. Do not have sharp edges and stickiness to avoid damage.
2. Protective: Form a protective shell on the outside of the product to achieve dust, oil, moisture and water resistance. The packing material makes the packaged articles evenly stressed, and avoids damage caused by uneven force.
3. Compression and fixation: The packing material makes the product form a compact, space-saving unit, so that the trays of the product are tightly wrapped together, which can effectively prevent the products from being misaligned and moved during transportation.
4. Cost-saving: The use of packing materials we provide can effectively reduce the cost of use. At the same time, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve packing efficiency and packing grade.
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